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About Me...

Hi, and Welcome!


Ever since I was a child I loved painting and drawing. All the time I was exploring art everywhere around me. Now, finally, I have the confidence to share my illustrations with the world.


So - I'm an illustrator who creates handmade illustrations.

I love to walk gently in the world of colors and pretty things like flowers.

I believe in good and I'm using my art to show it.


I live in Israel in a settlement called Shilo (just like my family name). A beautiful landscape surrounds my husband and me with our seven children. We raise our family with colors and art around us all the time.


In my free time, between illustrating and raising my kids, I love to read, learn new things, visit museums, and most of all breathe the natural air and be grateful for everything that I have.


I hope you'll enjoy my art...


All Best, Meirav. 

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